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Xetra Vienna

Now also available in black brilliant lacquer. The 'Vienna Handengraving' is mastered by a few craftsmen only. This hard and unique handiwork turns our writing instruments in elegant gems sui generis.

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Absolutely trendy – solid Sterling Silver 925 brilliant white lacquered with glossy finish, fashionably combined with 18 carat Rosegold.

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The CHESS series was extended by two new versions in the colours white mother of pearl and pastel violet. The lower part is executed with multilayer brilliant lacquer.

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The new WALDMANN series made from solid sterling silver 925 and with a covering made from genuine leather, in the colours saffron, dark brown and 'lizard pattern' (light and dark brown).

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The impression of the wood's warm shade is even accentuated by the plain and highly polished lower part.

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The XETRA series now is also available in the colours pastel apricot as well as in the colour combination brilliant lacquer – 18 carat Rosegold. The unique X-style and the engine turned XETRA pattern are the particular features of this popular series.

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EDELFEDER – a synonym both for a journalist writing in a particularly sophisticated and refined manner and for a noble fountain pen. This was our inspiration for another new line from the WALDMANN manufactory, in cooperation with the 'Sueddeutsche Zeitung'.

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