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P 2000 - "Swords to plowshares" (Isaiah 2:4)

A "Charity Project" in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and Sport of Lower Saxony in favour of the Weißen Ring e. V.

The partial quotation "Swords to Ploughshares" from the Bible is one of the most important images of peace in world history.

Starting from the original Bible quote, this phrase can be found again and again in the historical, literary and political history that supports disarmament initiatives and peace movements. The image of the peoples forging their swords into ploughshares is an image of peace and disarmament.

Every year, the police of Lower Saxony singles out service pistols, which are either irreparable or cannot be repaired economically. Instead of selling these no longer needed, discarded service pistols on the open market, they are melted down. In the year 2018 the idea was born to produce a symbolically unique fountain pen, which sets a sign against the multiplication of firearms, supports disarmament and stands for a non-violent, peaceful co-existence.

The serial number of a service pistol and the limitation number are engraved on each of the 1,000 limited edition fountain pens. Together with an inkwell and a certificate the fountain pen was delivered in an original gun box. This makes each writing instrument unique. The design of the fountain pen is based on the appearance of the service pistols and contains recognisable elements. The proceeds from the sale and thus the donation for the Weissen Ring e. V. came to 32000.00 Euro.