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International Warranty

Every Waldmann writing instrument is characterized by design of timeless elegance, imperishable value and highest quality. Waldmann guarantees the authenticity of the material, perfect workmanship and perfect function. Each component is subject to strict quality controls. By purchasing a Waldmann writing instrument you have chosen a product made of solid Sterling Silver 925.

10 years warranty on our writing instruments

The warranty period for Waldmann writing instruments is 10 years and starts on the date of purchase. The warranty applies to any manufacturers defect, but not to loss, theft, accident, normal wear and tear, willful damage, damage due to improper use or unauthorized third parties as well as the use of other accessories not manufactured or recommended by Waldmann (e. g. ink cartridges, converters, refills, mechanics, components, etc. ). The following are also excluded from the guarantee: consequences of aging, damage to surfaces caused by creams, perfumes, shampoos, household and industrial cleaning agents, chemicals, etc. as well as skin perspiration.

The warranty certificate

Warranty services can only be claimed upon presentation of the Waldmann warranty certificate, which has been duly and fully completed, dated and signed by an authorized Waldmann dealer. This warranty gives you special rights and may be accompanied by other national rights depending on the country.

Natural wear and tear of writing instruments

Under normal use, and depending on the intensity, surface wear accelerates accordingly.
The body salts contained in perspiration are more or less aggressive and can dissolve substances of various kinds.

The following applies: The more salt is contained in the individual hand perspiration, the more aggressive the fingerprint on the surface will be. Fingerprints on metals are often more than the term suggests: They are not only marks of grease that can be simply wiped off again, but traces or corrosion etched into the metal. Acidic hand sweat etches fingerprints even into stainless steel surfaces and can even rust metals.

Fingerprints on metal surfaces caused by hand perspiration, 99 percent of which consists of water, but contains one percent of “other substances” there are some “problematic” mixtures, which in turn consist mainly of salts and fats. Other components such as amino acids, sugar, etc., do not play a prominent role with regard to fingerprints. Fats and salts are decisive for the production or the aggressiveness of skin perspiration. Even healthy hands perspire!


Leather and wood are high-quality natural products. Irregularities in colour, structure and dimensional accuracy are typical quality features. Also discolorations and material-related wear over time. These properties underline the authenticity of the material, but do not constitute warranty claims and are therefore excluded from the warranty. Cleaning a fully assembled writing instrument or even individual components in a water or ultrasonic bath can, if not carried out professionally or if not following our guided instructions, can lead to damage and therefore are excluded from the warranty.